Saturday, August 11, 2007

Christ is in our Midst XII(letter 10)

"10 July 1946


Christ is in our midst!

My wish for you is that you should lead a spiritual life and try to express all that is in your soul for God's sake for the salvation of your soul. 'Take heed lest you fall', saysthe Apostle [1 Cor. 10:12]. Yet without God's grace all ourprecautions come to naught, for it is not in our power to
hold to virtues, as I have said to you before. What is within our free will is to compel ourselves to press firmly towards virtue.

You now have an understanding of the inner life and some experience as well; make yourself pray inwardly more often as far as you have strength and time. Also practise remembrance of death and pray to God to give you this memory. Observe what our temporal life is like: inconstant, changeable, and quickly passing, distracting inattentive people so that they become scattered. But there is one means for gaining inner peace, and that is unceasing prayer. Boredom and dejection will pass; be patient, do not be despondent; the Lord will help and keep you.

It is not right to believe what you hear from outsiders. People being what they are, they sometimes make mountains out of mole-hills and see only weaknesses. They cannot see the tears shed in the monk's cell, nor can they penetrate the inner life of a solitary monk. The stages of spiritual progress vary and it takes a spiritual man to recognise a spiritual man. The most profitable thing is to see all people as good and oneself as the worst of all. Just observe yourself and and you will see yourself worse than anyone. I did tell you this before, in a personal conversation.

I always remember you in my unworthy prayers, and may God's mercy be with you according to your faith."

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