Sunday, August 12, 2007

Christ is in our Midst XIII(letter 12)

..."If you observe yourself sharply you will really see that you are worse than anyone. Then you will not even be harmed by anyone's praise. For people only look at the outside of a man and they do not know what is inside-except those who are leading a spiritual life.
Prayer requires a struggle until the very hour of death. it is good that you are striving for prayer. The Lord help you; do not quench the spirit."
I like the comment he makes casually about being harmed by praise. I wonder what kind of conversation he and a modern child psychologist would have.
I myself know that this is dangerous for me, to seek praise. I have knowingly and unknowingly done it throughout my life. To be without it is difficult. To shun it would go against a mechanism I have built in to my soul that has yielded fuel as an impetus onwards and upwards to succeed, which now, success, what it is for me is changing. This has to do with the onset of age and I pray that Christ Himself be my success.

Again he states the leading of a spiritual life, to pray, requires hard work. Yes.

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