Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pontiaka Ioannidis Serra Dance Group of Athens

It is difficult to explain why these Pontain Dances have such appeal to me.

As a teenager and a young man, I did not really have any liking for Greek music of any kind. My tastes were thoroughly of the "average" American taste. Rock n' Roll ruled for me and when I became 17 years old or so, Punk Rock in particular was king.

Punk defined me during this time. It gave me meaning and an outlook on life that I carried thereafter until only recently, in the last 6 or 7 years, I have pretty much opened myself up to much else musically.

The reason I mention Punk in this post is that somehow this Pontian rhythm brings that out, that old inner something I used to feel with Punk Rock.

If any punk rockers should read this, maybe you will see what I see here in these Pontian dances, music, ethos of why these people are dancing and so on.

Real quick background, the Greek Nation was overrun and occupied by the Ottoman Turks for about 400 years. The garb of the people in these dances is(I think) from the early to mid 1800's when Greece fought for and recovered independence from under the Turks.

On another note, Americans who have a love for Southern, bluegrass, or Hillbilly music may "get" these Pontian videos.

Anyway, whoever, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

This Old Punk Rocker (With Mad love for Bluegrass and Hillbilly) Gets it.
-R. Ruckus

Sophocles said...

Knew you would, old friend.