Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some Muslim activists attack the Church only to gain favor with their foreign masters, Russian islamologist say

20 August 2007, 14:36

Moscow, August 20, Interfax - The recent letter of a group of Muslim activists attacking the Russian Orthodox Church was made only to gain favor with their foreign masters, the prominent Russian islamologist Roman Silantyev opines.

‘It is the second time this year that the same group related to the Council of Muftis in Russia accuses somebody of violation of the Muslim community’s rights. The first time they accused the government, and now the Russian Orthodox Church,’ Silantyev told Interfax on Monday.

In the end of the last week a group of muftis and other Islamic activists in which they supported the ten members of the Russian Academy of Sciences accusing the Russian Orthodox Church of ‘clericalizing’ the society.

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