Monday, August 13, 2007

Pridnestrovie five times more religions than Moldova

A spiritual boom is underway in Pridnestrovie. A total of 114 different church groups are already registered. This is five times as many as in Moldova, where a Western human rights group questions its commitment to religious freedom.

By Times staff, 13/Aug/2007

DUBOSSARY (Tiraspol Times) - Sundays are for church in the city of Dubossary, located in the middle of Pridnestrovie. But with 114 different religious denominations there are plenty of churches to choose from.

Most religious Pridnestrovians are Orthodox Christians and the government has supported restoration and new construction of orthodox churches. The Constitution of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica (PMR) protects complete freedom of religion.

On the other side of the Dniester river, souls hungry for the spirit have less to choose from.
Despite a population seven times larger than Pridnestrovie's, the neighboring Republic of Moldova has only permitted 22 religious denominations to function (some say 23). Although nominally paying lip service to religious freedom, locals say that the real story is bleak: Believers in Moldova are not free to worship.

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This seems to be a recurring theme in the world today, this insistence on placing all religions on an even playing field and governments are told to not weigh in in favor of the peoples' traditional Faith, but are given pressure to adopt to current world's pluralism in the sphere of religion. Notice Mormonism being one of the religions urged for acceptance by the USA.

I myself do not believe this to be an accident nor merely an undirected popular "movement" of the people. I believe, as our Holy Church teaches in her Tradition, in the Holy Scriptures, that we are simply following along in our course toward that culmination of the age and that as we approach that Day, deceptions grow bolder and harder to detect .

I believe also that this deception is not monolithic but multi-chorded and lies in every strata of human existence. It is imbedded in the make of a humanity alienated from God and of the essence of The Fall, in a sense natural to us.

I believe that those that have ears to hear and eyes to see should ever slightly begin waking up.

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