Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Christ is in our Midst XIV(letter 13)

"Today is the feast of the Entry of the Holy Mother of God into the Temple. We had an impressive ceremony with singing in two choirs. The weather is fine; the sun ishining. It is irresistible. I shall go for a walk. I like walking alone; I love nature. Wherever I look, everything comforts me: every tree and bush, and the little birds twittering as they fly from tree to tree and clasp the twigs with their little feet and carry something in their bill; a whit hare runs past, stands up on her hind legs, listens, looks from side to side and hops on. All this is so instructive, one cannot help crying, and in everything God's Providence is visible. How marvellously everything is created and how graciously He takes care of everything; with Him nothing is forgotten. The birds are so small, their legs like little matchsticks, and they manage to live and find food in the cold season!

'Glory to thy wisdom, O Lord, glory to thy creation! I thank thee, Lord,
that we with our many sins and weaknesses are sometimes granted entry to
knowledge of Thee; this is thy mercy. Without thy help we sinners cannot
contemplate nature nor acquire a single virtue. Our free will which Thou
hast given can only strive towards virtue, but to attain it or to persevere in
it depends on thy help. I ask Thee one thing, Lord: order our lives,
save us sinners.' "

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