Sunday, August 26, 2007

Christ is in our Midst XXVI(letter 33)

" Yes, the spiritual life is complicated. It requires deep humility and cannot be understood by reason; it is grasped only by experience, when one tries to live in accordance with the counsels of the Holy Fathers. If someone asks your advice, answer what you know, but pray inwardly beforehand and put yourself under God's will. Speak simply, do not philosophize, do not try to influence the person. If what you say is useful, it is by the grace of God. N is spiritually a babe and needs to be fed with milk. Listen patiently to all she says: when she has expressed everything it will be a relief to her. Tell her not to pay attention to others and not to observe their shortcomings, for every person will have to answer for himself before God. Let them work out their own affairs. There is no commandment that we should require others to love and to live a correct life. Let those who have been appointed for the purpose by God's Providence look after others."

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