Thursday, August 23, 2007

Confident, Emerging Russia, er..President Putin, Flexes Muscles

"I must break you", said Russian President, Vladimir Putin(picture on left), to Rocky Balboa(shown in above photo on right).

In the first round of their title match, Putin went to work on the old slugger Rocky. Rocky, in his fifth movie, Rocky Balboa, was heavily criticized and made fun of for coming out of retirement because he was an old man.

Putin, a big fan of Rocky's, thought it would be fun to take him on as he too had recently been called "an old man" and felt that fighting another old man like Balboa would not draw flak from anyone.

I personally was surprised at how at the end of the 2nd round Putin reduced Balboa to the state he is shown in the above photo. Putin's fake jab then devastating "gut blows" as he is fond of calling them, had Balboa bent over with each punch where Putin would follow up with an "Orthodox Hook", so called because his right hook is delivered in the direction of how Orthodox Christian faithful "cross" themselves in the opposite direction of the more well known method of the Roman Catholic faithful. In other words, the Orthodox "push" the right hand whilst the Roman Catholics "pull" the right hand in the making of the sign of the Cross.

The photo of Putin above was taken immediately following their fight. Notice not a scratch on the indefatigable Putin as he calmly strolled along the nearby stream in Manhattan where the fight was held . Balboa deteriorated further after a series of 1-2 punches delivered by the unerring, iron hands of Putin.

Balboa, who did little training for this fight, asked for a rematch to undo his embarrassment at his underestimation of Putin. As of this report, the Kremlin has not responded. But...


Aaron Joshua Oliver said...

No way! Putin must have slipped something in Rocky's water bottle :-)

Sophocles said...


I think all that happened was Rocky thought he could take him without major training. I mean, Rocky has low regards for the Russian peoples' fighting skills ever since he beat up on that push-over Ivan Drago. Remember Rocky III?