Saturday, August 18, 2007

Christ is in our Midst XVIII(letter 20)

" 20

18 May 1947

About your anxiety and stumbling I will say this: as long as the ship of our soul is sailing on the sea of life it will always be subject to changes of weather: now rain, now fine weather. Sometimes a storm blows up and it looks as if the boat were about to strike a reef or run aground. It cannot be otherwise in this vale of tears. Only in the life to come will changes cease. When we are subject to passions — I mean those of the soul, such as conceit, vanity, anger, slyness and demonic pride - under the influence of these passions we think that all people are blameworthy and no good. However, we have not been commanded to require love and justice from others, but it is our own duty to fulfil the commandments of love and to be just. But do not be depressed. In times of trouble go deep into Holy Scriptures and the Holy Fathers and into prayer. Then you will experience peace and quiet in your soul. By our own reason, no matter how hard we think, without God's help we cannot be reconciled with ourselves or bring peace to others.

The Lord keep you."

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