Friday, October 05, 2007

Christ is in our Midst LXXI(letter 102)

" 102

7 May 1955

I received your letter and understood it all. However, do not be depressed or grieved that you shouted at N - it is human. Besides, it is humbling and helps you to know your own state. See what weaklings we are — a contrary wind blows, and patience is exhausted. To live together and get on well with each other is very difficult, for temperaments and characters differ and in order to have peace there must be efforts towards peace on both sides.

I read in the Paterikon: two startsi lived together. At the beginning one said to the other: 'How do I look to you?' The other answered: 'Like an angel'. After they had lived together for some time he asked again: 'And now how do I look to you?' The other answered: 'Now you look like the devil and every word of yours sticks into me like a nail'. I have quoted this example not to indulge you, but so that you should not be depressed when something happens because of our weakness.

St Moses said: 'Strength, for one who desires to acquire the virtues, consists in not losing heart when he chances to fall, but in continuing again on his way: not to fall is characteristic only of angels'. "

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