Monday, October 22, 2007

Adding of a new blog to my Blog Roll- Nicene Truth

I was very excited to see this new blog. I hope to have much insightful conversation.

Pay them a visit at:


Robert Nash said...


Thanks so much for the add. I've been reading your blog the past few days and it's really enjoyable. Thank you for the good material.

I know that you have also e-mailed back and forth with Jay Dyer.

Would you be interested in writing with us on Maybe just posting relevant items both here and on the NT site? If so, we'd welocome you.

Our site is really open as far as subject matter goes - Jay and David do alot of good work on keeping up with news and history of the warring anti-christ spirit and influence on our culture. I'm still a bit new to that arena and focus more of my attention on things like Orthodox family life (My wife, 3 kids and I are recently chrismated here in St. Andrews Lexington, KY.)

Fr. Rose once said, "The most important thing that one acquires through reading such basic Orthodox literature is a virtue which is called discernment. When we come to two phenomena which seem to be exactly alike or very similar to each other, the virtue of discernment allows us to see which of them is true and which is false: that is, which has the spirit of Christ and which might have the spirit of Antichrist. "

Thank you again for your kind words about NT - If you interested, drop me an e-mail and I'll get you setup as an author.

Best Regards,

Robert Nash

Sophocles said...


A pleasure to have you here. And more importantly welcome to you in Christ in the Holy Orthodox Church.

I would be honored to participate with you guys. I will drop you tht e-mail and we can discuss it further.

In Christ and in fellowship,