Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Adding of another blog "Rigorous Intuition (v. 2.0) "

This man can write. And his topics are very relevant and must reads even if you disagree with him. At least the mind may begin snapping out of "Disneyland" mode and coming into," Uh, we're not in Kansas anymore" mode.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sophocles,

You seem to be in transition right now with your blog content. I hope you don't mind my giving my opinion which of course is in no way binding on you - it's a free country after all. Though with some of the new stuff you're putting up, I'm thinking you are grimacing at that last remark. I don't want to argue politics or about any of the "conspiracy" stuff, but I just want you to know I preferred when you talked about Orthodox theology. I always read your Saint tributes, and some of the Orthodox news articles, but I miss "Christ is in our Midst" especially when you talked about how you understood it, and hoped you were going to keep going in that direction.

I know I'm a nag, but just felt I owe it to our friendship to let you know how I feel.

Sophocles said...


Thank you so much for your honesty. In no way do I feel offended.

This "conspiracy stuff" will not take precedence on this blog. I do believe that an occassional warning should be shouted to remind us that there is much more than meets the eye about those that hold power. Great power(earthly) and great wealth is our Enemy's stronghold and I think that sometimes we Christians forget that the Anti Christ is coming and I believe our Holy Faith calls us not to be entangled with what passes to be good by this world's standards.

I could go on a bit more along these lines but time constrains me(I'm typing this at work).

Right now I'm reading Matthew the Poor's "Orthodox Prayer Life- the interior way" and it is marvelous. I have been debating whether to begin a little series on it because he is a Copt but I believe it is spot on in its theology.

Again, thank you, Andrea. I will post almost exclusively on the books I read (and all of the upcoming ones are Orthodox)and my thoughts.

Next in line are the complete CS Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia" and I'm debating on whether to read all these 7 books as my feelings on magic have changed.

I have just been invited to contribute on that new blog "Nicene Truth" and I will confine most of my posts about about "conspiracy" stuff to that site.

Bear with me and continue to let me know how you see things.

In Christ and in fellowship,


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your considerate response. I was just hoping that you weren't going to go totally in that direction. It's interesting to know other people's views on things. I have gotten where I hardly watch the news as I've got enough internal struggles with keeping down things that distract me from the Lord. It's also got to do with limiting anxiety producing input. I'll leave other people to deal with it. Used to be I'd have considered mine a cop out, passivist attitude, but now I think we have to pick our battles carefully, and mine are currently at home instead of out there.

My 4th grade teacher read The Chronicles of Narnia to us out loud and I fell totally in love with them. There are arguments about the use of magic in books out there, but we defend those we love no matter what sometimes. I love Harry Potter now, too as has been discussed on my blog.

I'd love to hear more from Coptic Mathew the Poor if you get the chance. I know your time is limited.

Thanks again for your kindness,

Sophocles said...


And yours too.

First off, I am a fan of CS Lewis and have been for many years. I have read "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" several times and seen the movie.

The issue of discernment can be a totally subjective one in these matters as to what we should or should not read, view, listen to, and so forth. As I continue in our Holy Faith, I personally believe that the Fathers would have been aghast at the use of magic in any form, even in entertainment. They were writing pre-Schism of course and the coming into being of the Latinized West had not yet come about from which these stories draw their substance from.

I may be totally wrong and I am prepared to alter my point of view if needs be. And that's where fellow Orthodox such as yourself may help me as we all know "solo Christian is no Christian" and we need each other to help us along the way.

On the other hand, I may be right in my assessment but I suppose time will reveal more to all of us as the Lord sees fit.

As to Harry Potter, I'm sure you are now aware that one of the story's main characters is a homosexual. I'm just curious as to what effect this may have on your like for this series as the posts you did were prior to the author Rowland's disclosure of this.

Also, the Ochlophobist's latest post addresses this matter as well and I have already chimed in with another blogger responding to me. I have yet to reply to him but I will as I'm pondering how best to answer him.

As always,

the best to you and your family


Anonymous said...


I look at magic in these stories sort of similarly to why I converted to Orthodoxy. The thing I was most unsure of was whether venerating and praying to Mary was wrong or not, but the way the Orthodox knew Christ seemed so much better than how I did that I decided they were right about Mary too. Same with magic the way C.S. Lewis used it, If Aslan communicated the character and love of Christ to such an extent, then the way he used magic must have been ok. There's a line there somewhere. Veneration of Mary by some groups and using magic in a story can be done wrong. Sorry if it's improper to make that comparison.

I think you might have seen my post on Dumbledore since you wrote your comment. I have on purpose not read the Ochlophobists, Father Stephen's nor the Second Terrace postings on it since I'm not finished with the book. Therefore I can only speculate on what Ms. Rowling and the bloggers are saying about it. And I haven't read your comment either, but if you want to recap without giving away anything that happens in the last half of the 6th and the 7th books I'd like to hear it.

I told the kids last night that her having him come out after the series when there was nothing in the series to indicate that he had same sex attraction, (Orthodox prefer SSA to "gay") was really kind of strange. We are not our sins, and if that sin is not dealt with in the book, why bring it up after the fact? Seems silly to me. But if being gay makes one a different sort of human, or wizard, altogether then it would be more of a point to make. I was joking about the lisp in my blog. All it does is make me wonder now if he was attracted to the boys, but that would be being a pervert instead. If I'm going to worry about that then I should have been worrying about his being attracted to the girls when I thought he didn't have a weakness in that area. SSA has to be fought off like any other passion. And Dumbledore did not seem like he was battling it in the story, it wasn't part of the plot, so it seems to me she's just trying to be a gay rights advocate by bringing it up now. And given the state of Anglican (I think she's Church of Scotland) Churches on that issue, I guess she's just casting her vote, but again I'm speculating. This new controversy over the series is making me more anxious to finish the books and read the commentary so that I can speak more informedly about it.

I'd also like to clarify my statement about my battles being at home since you wished us well. We have a very peaceful home, but there are tensions about our faith with those in our outer circle who are Protestant. Maybe I'll email you about it sometime.

Sophocles said...


In one sense why I have begun posting about the occult and the such is because my eyes have recently been opened to the meaning of symbols, symbols that have been with us for so long and which were assumed by me to mean nothing.

However, that is not the case. The symbols chosen by whomever(Starbucks, Texaco, the US Government, the media, etc., etc.,) and what these mean are not neutral but possess a meaning and symbols also have power. Perhaps not to us but I think we would be surprised at the New Age/Occult/Witchcraft/Astrological "power" they do in fact convey.

We would also be surprised to learn that media, whether it be "informational" or entertainment, or "educational" through the medium of TV, radio, recording artists, books, etc. are quite literally owned and operated by those who have to do with the occult, wicca, New Age and the like.

In other words, there is an agenda. We, the unwitting public and consumers may very well be having spells cast on us everytime we listen to a CD, read a book or whatever. The result is that "magic" flows out into our homes which in turn is also present in everything. So, the evnd result is a saturation of this Satanic reality under every cubbyhole and nook and cranny in the very fabric of existence itself.

What can overcome this? Only deep prayer, repentance, humility and contrition of heart. What we have on our hands is a fallen world which awaits its transfiguration at the coming of our Lord.

This world(in its fallen state) is still energized by the demonic and still produces by the untold numbers those that need the release which only can come about by His casting the demons out.

What does any of this have to do with Rowland? I cannot with certainty speak but I would not be surprised that her success is all the more so because she speaks to the world as from the world, utilizing the world's wisdom and energies in opposition to God. And the world hears her voice and responds.

Now, what I am not saying by implication is that any who traffic in her works are "the world" but I would say that I believe, things are ever moreso coming to a head and the unquestioned goodness we ascribed to our nation may at this present hour be compromised. America is not a Christian Nation. Those that flourish are ever moreso the wicked which we(me included), doting and half asleep public(and trained consumers that we are) exalt them.

Woe to a people who exalt the wicked and call "Good" that which is evil and "Evil" that which is good. What is this but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit who yet contends with the fallen?

Anyway. I think I've said enough for now. I believe I will post this as a main post.