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Christ is in our Midst XXXII(letter 47)


15 May 1950

A letter17 to the wife of a man of another faith.

Christ is Risen indeed!

I received your letter on the 13th of May, read it and wept for joy. It is a mercy of God that you have become peaceful, and the Lord has granted you to take part in the Mysteries of Christ. I wrote that letter not with reason but with feeling, for I felt what inner anxiety you were experiencing.

My answer to the questions of your second letter is: try to be faithful to your husband, do not be false to him, and obey him in everything, excepting of course what Orthodoxy requires. It is not necessary to discuss religious topics, but if he himself raises the subject, answer what you know, but first pray inwardly to God. Teach him not by word but by a virtuous Christian life. Do not force him to go to church. If he himself wants to go, that is another matter; be satisfied and thankful that you are not prevented from going. Pray for him simply, like a child: 'Lord, save and have mercy on my husband N, preserve and teach him'. And leave all the rest to God's mercy and be at peace. The Lord give you wisdom.

Always be kind and polite to his mother, and when she says something unpleasant, be patient. Do not talk about religious matters with her, or you will lose your inner peace. When you are angry, do not make any decisions, and stop talking. Under the influence of anger you always sin and you say wrong things and will regret it afterwards. I picture you very clearly as you were at Valamo when you were a fifteen-year-old girl. It would be interesting to see how you look now, what you have become, but unfortunately I cannot see you. I would like to see a photograph of you and your husband. If it is possible, do send one; it would be a pleasure to see it while I am still alive.

How convenient it is now to communicate by letter, the distance is so great, and it flies so quickly. My warmest thanks to your husband for the medicine. It has not come yet, but I hope to get it soon. Give him my hearty greetings with the wish that God may give him good health and all success in his affairs. What language do you speak there and does he know Russian?

I ask God's blessing on you, my spiritual child, with love in Christ, remembering and praying for you.

I also remember your husband and his mother in my prayers. The Lord keep you.

17. Letters 47, 49 and 68 are addressed to the same person. "

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