Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christ is in our Midst L(Letter 78)

..."Nothing arouses such opposition in the devil as prayer does. Sometimes he suggests various thoughts, even blasphemous ones, sometimes he works through people and causes various slanderings, sometimes there is dryness in the heart, laziness and much else.

I have reminded you of this so that you will not be downcast when you experience these things. You should not speak of your inner consolation or sad experiences to anyone except your confessor. People inexperienced in the spiritual life can give a wrong turn to spiritual activity.

Try not to condemn anyone for anything; you yourself know about hostility from experience. The Lord does not hear prayer where there is hatred; the whole Gospel speaks of this.

And another thing: be very fearful of imagining yourself to have received something great which others do not know. There have been ascetics who were taken up into another world and saw the glory of the saints. People praised them and they became conceited; demonic pride took possession of them, and they fell from their spiritual height into a dissolute life which made them a laughing-stock to people. "


The devil is one subject which I rarely if ever see discussed on any Orthodox blogs I read. If he is discussed, it is usually in an academic way or more often, "evil" is discussed, and that again, in a fashion of "the problem of evil if there is a God" sort of way.

This subject, of the devil, or evil and his operation in the world, how he operates, not just on me personally but his ability to influence human affairs in very practical, right here and right now ways is something we Orthodox should learn more of.

The Scriptures are replete with warnings about this fallen world, who and what governs it and the forces we contend with. The Holy Fathers warn and admonish us constantly as well. And yet, we all think we are in Disneyland and it is all one big game.

As I have stated in other posts, I do hope to post more in the future about the occult, new age and other things al0ng these lines.

I will say this: Orthodox Christian or whoever reads this who has ears to hear and eyes to see:


The night is upon us. Magic and the occult is part and parcel of the fabric of Americana. America herself was founded by FreeMasons. There is much more significance to these matters than a casual dismissal will allow.

LOOK AROUND YOU! Evil is much more bold and becoming more so each and every moment, growing in power. Never must we forget that where great power and wealth reside, evil and those who follow their father the devil, that murderer from the beginning, will always be involved and close at hand.

May God give me boldness to utter and think clearly and to speak.


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