Friday, September 14, 2007

Ecumenists call for common Christian voice to the world

Traditional hospitality: Romanian dancers at the welcome ceremony in Sibiu last week CCEE-CEC/Ag.Siciliani

by Jules Cave Bergquist

IN WHAT was clearly a popular move, Andrea Riccardi from the Roman Catholic S Egidio Community skipped deftly back over more discouraging recent papal distinctions between “Churches” and “ecclesial communities” towards the language of Pope Paul VI and the concept of “sister Churches” living in unity without uniformity.

This was a concept that could unite both the grassroots enthusiasts who came to the Third European Ecumenical Assembly in Romania searching for an enriching encounter with “the other”, and a minority of representatives, who seemed to regard their task more as one of safeguarding positions.

More than 2500 people from all the main Churches of Europe crowded into a tent every morning for prayer and reflection on scripture, followed by presentations by leaders on the theme “The Light of Christ shines upon all.”

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More of the "spirit of our age".

Unity at all costs, the Orthodox Faith just "one aspect" of the whole picture, needing all Christians of all confessions to show forth that one truth, that Christ has revealed Himself in many ways to many peoples.

Utterly disregarded is the historical continuity of the Orthodox Churches not only in physical succession in the laying on of hands of the bishops, but also the spiritual continuity manifesting Holy Tradition from 33 AD to the present day.

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