Saturday, September 29, 2007

Christ is in our Midst LX(letter 92)

When the devil brings despairing thoughts, drive him away with the whip of prayer, for he is very brazen; he strongly attacks those who aspire to the spiritual life. The holy men of God have experienced such horrors that they did not even want to commit them to writing. However, his evil will is limited; he tempts us as far as the Lord permits, suggesting various thoughts, but our free will can accept them or not, of course, with God's help. "


It would seem that if one aspires to living a holy life, this person becomes a magnet for the demons who will pester him at every turn always seeking to have the person give up.

"Go back to indifference. Why are you trying to be so good. Look around you. Nobody cares that you're trying to live a holy life. Don't you envy the wicked? Look how they act out on all their lusts of the flesh, the eyes, the mind the will. AND THEY'RE HAPPY, FOOL! Join them. Just this once. You know you want to. It feels so good.

"Assert yourself and put that dolt in his place. Justifiably you are angry. Who wouldn't be if that person acted that way towards them? God needs you in this world to play this very role. People are lost and need YOUR correction. Offer it. Come on, now. (He can't speak that way to you).

"And remember, even if you do sin, you know it says in that Book you guys read that God will forgive you no matter what. So what do you have to lose?

"Heh, heh. You followed our advice and now you feel remorse and emptiness. Yup. You really screwed up this time. God is so austere and holy,...He won't forgive you yet AGAIN for doing that same thing you've always done. And yes. We're afraid that He is tired of hearing you ask forgiveness yet again for your actions and thoughts. Tsk, tsk. Shame.(well, you've gone and sinned anyhow, might as well continue and drown out your guilt and enjoy yourself."

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