Friday, September 28, 2007

Books I've Read(or am reading)-Eight: Gifts of the Desert

I must say that i am looking forward to this book, Gifts of the Desert by Kyriacos C. Markides as I highly enjoyed the author's other work, The Mountain of Silence.
Although The Mountain of Silence contained in my view some erroneous beliefs held by the author, nevertheless he was honest in conveying authentic Orthodox spirituality and belief through the mouth of "Father Maximos", the man (whose name is altered to hide his true identity).
I expect more of the same from this work but I believe this work has merit in hopefully exposing many to the Orthodox Faith especially from eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and various practitioners of other beliefs dissillusioned with Christianity or what passes as Christianity which they have rejected or never given any serious thought to.
I think this is the audience that would most be receptive to this book.

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