Friday, September 28, 2007

Elevation of Priest Eric G. Tosi

On Sunday September 30 2007, Priest Father Eric George Tosi will be elevated to Arch Priest during the Divine Liturgy at which His Grace Bishop Benjamin will be serving.

Father Eric is a very special man and a devoted servant of the Church who serves her with his entire life.

I know. I happen to be fortunate enough to call him my priest and confessor and his counsel has always been with love and care, seeking that Christ may be formed in me.

I am also the Vice President of the Parish Council and in this capacity I have been challenged in areas I didn't know existed. Father Eric has guided me here with a (relatively)light hand knowing that "It'll all be fine" to paraphrase him a bit in that even if I screw up, he has faith in our Lord's providence to make use of whatever situation may present itself to the glory of God.

I simply here want to wish him many years and to express my gratitude for his tireless efforts on behalf of our very diverse parish(and I mean diverse: Americans, Russians, Ethiopians, Greeks, Eritreans, Romanians, Serbs, converts as well as other groups call St. Paul "Home").

If anyone reading this knows him or his family, contact him and wish him many years.

And since I've got your attention, be sure to read this biography on him.

As well, here is the link to St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church, a parish of the Orthodox Church in America as well as the link to the Life Giving Spring Retreat Center. This website has much useful information on the parish itself as well as a wonderful Orthodox library for more learning about the Faith.

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