Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ron Paul at the South Carolina Debate 1-10-08

Well, it's about time I came out and voiced my support for the candidate which I have come to hold a very warm regard for, Dr. Ron Paul.

I tried to stay out of any involvement in this upcoming election as I felt that a certain futility was involved believing in any candidate from either party.

My beliefs aobut so many things have changed in the last several years that I was certainly experiencing a certain apathy about our two party-system and had resigned myself to either not voting at all, or if I did, to exercise my "None of the Above" choice in the ballot if it existed.

But alas, it was not to be as I have recently caught the "Ron Paul Bug".

As I've listened to more and more of what this man has to say, I can honestly say he is a good American, amongst one of the best our nation has; who believes in her in such a pure, simple and good way.

I attended the Republican Caucus here in Nevada on Saturday 19, 2008 and voted.

My precint met in the cafeteria of the local high school and along with our precint, another one was in the same cafeteria.

This was my very first caucus so I didn't know what was going on for the most part but I felt excited by being part of the process.

Nevada contains a very large Mormon population and as a result, Mitt Romney supporters were everywhere and indeed, Mitt Romney won pretty easily.

However, Ron Paul, at least in the two precints' votes I was present at, easily came in second place, far ahead of the other candidates after him. I witnessed the counting of both precints.

The reason I mention this is that when I saw the news of Nevada's results on my AOL News Service, Dr. Ron Paul was hardly mentioned and he was merely bunched along with the other losing Republican candidates.

I have heard of the "news blackout" concerning him and paid no real attention until I saw the AOL news clip and then did a little online search and found other occassions when Dr. Ron Paul was similarly excluded or little mention was made at all of him.

I just read this story:

which I found on one of the links on the sidebars of Nicene Truth.

Watch the above YouTube Video and see for yourself his demeanor at the South Carolina debates and judge whether you detect "Hollywood" in anything he says.

Also note that this and other clips were censored by Fox News, not allowing people to see that Ron Paul can win this election.

At the video's end the results of the winners of the debate are given and Ron Paul is clearly the winner in the poll results.

Interesting to say the least.

Dr. Ron Paul is constantly cast in the position of being a "crackpot" or "loon" when in actuality he seems to be the only real person running, speaking from his heart with no Hollywoodized hidden agenda as his raison d'etre of running in the first place. He genuinely wants to serve his country and based on his previous track record, he will not be bought for any price of his ideals and principals which mirrors my own conception of why I love this country, because this is the America I believe in.

Camelot? Perhaps.

Please consider this good man to be worthy of your vote. Listen to his heart, go past what is presented about him in our popular media and look, I mean really look, at his heart.



papa herman said...

1. I would have never guessed that Nevada had a large Mormon population-- I guess with all of the Casinos and such... hmmmm.

2. Although I have yet to decide on a candidate I find it interesting that every time I do one of those online things where they ask your position on issues and then show you the candidate that most closly matches your stance mine comes up: Ron Paul.

As I mentioned on my blog, I also have found it interesting the variety of people who support him-- Everyone one from my own Priest to punks.

Sophocles said...

Papa Herman,

So good to hear from you again. Yes, Ron Paul's appeal is very interesting, especially as I had resigned myself to a cynical approach to all politics.

I really like this guy, first and foremost as a good human being who has put deep thought, reflection and love into what he is carrying as his message.

This punk has his vote.

In Christ and in fellowship,


Aaron Joshua Oliver said...


Thank you for sharing your experience with the electoral process. What you said about "the America I believe in" is what inspired me to be involved in public service in the first place. Even though I have endorsed a different candidate from a different party, I am thrilled that we share the same Faith, as well as the same faith that citizens such as ourselves can do our part to encourage America to be the virtuous Republic it claims and aspires to be.

Sophocles said...


So very well said, dear brother. Amen.

Maxim said...

You have noticed, have you not, Papa Herman, the proximity of Nevada to Utah? By the way, I assume since you are from Walla Walla, Washington, (abbreviated WaWaWa) that you are a member of St. Siloan's? I was there for sunday worship once a couple of summers ago, and used to meet people from there while working at "Way of a Pilgrim" every once in a while.