Friday, January 18, 2008

Romanian Church v. Moldovan President

(uppermost picture)Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin

(middle picture)Citizens of Moldova fill in documents in front of the Romanian consulate building to receive an application form for a Romanian visa in Chisinau, January 19, 2007. Romania became a member of the European Union on January 1 of that year and imposed visas on citizens of Moldova, a country with a common language and culture.

(lowest picture)Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church (center)

The Romanian Orthodox Church has complained to the Council of Europe accusing Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin of advancing the interests of the Russian Orthodox Church in a conflict between the churches over the creation of a Romanian Orthodox dioceses in Moldova and Transdniestria, which are traditionally Russian Orthodox territory. The Romanian Patriarchate has been active in Moldova since 1992.

Last month, four Romanian Orthodox priests were expelled from Moldova from lacking work permits. The Romanian church was further offended when one of the priests was subject to close customs scrutiny as he left Moldova.
The Romanian Orthodox Church created three dioceses in Moldova and Transdniestria in October 2007. The Russian Orthodox Church protested angrily, calling the move “a revision of the results of the Second World War” and “an upset in the balance of power in Europe.” Moldovan authorities supported the Russian church. Voronin called the new Romanian dioceses “an act of aggression against the faithful of Moldova and against our Orthodox Church.
The Romanian church has responded that he is interfering in religious affairs. A Moldovan presidential aide countered that the Romanian church's actions are politically motivated.
I have some opinion to be voiced over this situation. The newly elected Romanian Patriarch, Daniel, is a Freemason, an Ecumenist and highly influential in The World Council of Churches.
I personally was saddened at his taking the Romanian Throne and when I learned the news, I suspected events such as these would be heard of more often.
I am not a fan of any of the things this man stands for. Especially with Freemasonry, whose goal is the unification of all religions for the benefit of the brotherhood of mankind, I am in opposition to.
Dear reader, if you have ears to hear with and eyes to see with and spiritual faculties to discern, keep an eye on this man. Observe his fruit. It is not of Christ.


Maximus Daniel said...

what is your evidence of this Patriarch being a freemason?

Sophocles said...

Maximus Daniel,

I searched for the original "source" I had in which it briefly described to pros and cons of those seeking the Patriarchal throne and I am unable to locate it. I believe it was originally here on this post of mine:

At the bottom of all my News Articles you will notice I always include "SOURCE" and before when I posted these news articles, if they were too long, I would post a part of it then provide a link reading "READ THE REST HERE". The problem I soon discovered was that after some time passed, many stories could not be recovered.

So I no longer have that(to my knowledge).

I posted this after the election which a brief comment is made in the article by some of the newly elected Patriarch's detractors as to his being a Freemason: