Monday, January 21, 2008

And yet the adding of another blog

When I posted this post dealing with Metropolitan Seraphim of the island of Syros writing to Bishop Fransiscus the papist bishop, on I received comments from Jean-Michel whose blogging comes to us from Belgium.

Jean-Michel recognizes the uniqueness of the Orthodox Catholic Faith and also is stirred to words when he sees the compromise the Church has made in its wedding itself(only in an outward way, as inwardly the Church, the Bride of Christ can do no such thing) to other Christian communions.

I here add his blog, Saint Materne , to my blogroll.

The blog, based in Belgium, is in French primarily but from what I gather conversing with him, his English is very good.

If any French speaking people need direction to Orthodoxy, point them in the direction of this blog.

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