Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blooming in the Desert – Episode 2 – Pillars of Piety Series Part 1: Prayer

Prayer is what each Orthodox Christian is called to take part in and to make a regulative part of one’s life. Truly, going further, as is discussed in this program, prayer itself is to be our life.

But where do we begin and what is prayer and what are the differences between personal, unceasing, intercessory and liturgical prayer and what binds them all together organically?

In this program we discuss prayer but also understand that a one hour podcast can hardly do this vast, rich and all encompassing subject a thorough justice. As well, we mention how prayer is tied into the other pillars that will be discussed in the following episodes and apart from them and isolated, is not prayer in the fullest sense.

We are blessed to have Father John Dresko, our parish priest with us in this program.

Go here to visit the website, Blooming in the Desert, and to also read the outline that this show used as an aid.

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