Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Virginmartyr Irais (Rhais) of Alexandria

Commemorated on September 23

The Holy Martyr Iraida lived at Alexandria. Once, she went to a well to draw water and saw a ship at the shore. On board were a large number of men, women, clergy and monks, all fettered in chains for their confession of the Christian Faith.

Casting aside her water pitcher, the saint voluntarily joined the prisoners for Christ, and fetters were placed on her, too. When the ship arrived in the Egyptian city of Antipolis, St Iraida was the first to undergo fierce torments and was beheaded with the sword. After her, the other martyrs sealed their confession of faith in Christ with their blood.


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George Patsourakos said...

It was courageous of the Holy Martyr Iraida to confirm her Christian faith -- even though she did not have to do so -- since doing so resulted in her being beheaded with the sword.

Sophocles said...

Yes. I've often thought on this matter if(when) a new persecution should arise if God would grant me such a martyrdom, if I would be ready.