Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Blooming in the Desert"- a new podcast

Two of my fellow parishioners asked me to be part of a new podcast they had been mulling over for some time.

The show will have us tackle questions relating to out Faith which may not otherwise be touched on anywhere else. The idea is to have three of us doing the show in a conversational manner in which as much as possible we forget about the microphone in front of us and simply speak to one another as we would were there no microphone at all. The show will attempt to capture conversations that would be had anyway between us on the subjects we discuss. In other words, if, let's say, we went out for coffee one evening and the conversation happened to center on any given subject such as: Relativism, Modernity, Forgiveness, The Anti-Christ, the Non-Orthodox, Popular Music and its effects on the spiritual life, etc., to name a few-what would be discussed in such a conversation?

We will attempt to give free reign to the way the dialogue would naturally develop in any non recorded setting and record this. It promises to be fun and a challenge. Especially a challenge in that we recognize that listeners out there may be influenced by what is discussed on the program and this being the case a responsibility is place upon us to be as correct as possible in our utterances where such utterances are not merely opinions but attempt to explain the Church and Her Life and teaching.

We did the first show last week and I think we succeeded in large measure to do this. This first show was to just basically introduce ourselves and to record for the first time and get this thing rolling. The listener will notice the quite different viewpoints between the three of us. As well our ages are Steve-23 years old, me-39 and Andrew-44.

We hope to bring on the show many guests including our parish priest Father John Dresko. My brother Constantine hopefully will add his voice on a frequent basis.

The link for the blog itself can be found here:

Blooming in the Desert


Dixie said...

Great! Got your link in my iTunes. Looking forward to the first podcast.

Sophocles said...

Hi Dixie,

The first podcast can be found in the link.

Please let me know what you think.

Steve Robinson said...

Very cool! Welcome to the audio-sphere. I'll definitely check it out. May it be blessed!

Sophocles said...


Coming from a pro like you that means alot. Thanks!

I didn't conceive of the show and was uncertain I wanted to be involved but now I'm on board. I now realize what a challenge it has been for you when you do your shows. I see now that we will definitely have to tighten it up quite a bit after recording our second show tonight.

Please, if possible, comment frequently(whether good or bad). Your insight will be most welcome.

May it be blessed!