Saturday, May 16, 2015

Venerable Laurence the Abbot of Komel (Vologda)

Saint Laurence of Komel was a disciple of St Cornelius of Komel. In the year 1538, on the recommendation of St Cornelius, he was unanimously chosen by the brethren as igumen of the monastery, and he made use of the spiritual counsels and instructions of his teacher.

Learning of the approach of Tatars towards the monastery, and on the advice of St Cornelius, igumen Laurence led all the brethren away to a safe place. Later, when the danger had passed, the monks returned to the monastery.

Upon the repose of his teacher, St Laurence guided the holy monastery for ten years, devoting himself to its welfare. Seeing the zeal and the love for the Lord in St Laurence as head of the Korniliev monastery, the Elder Alexius placed the Koptevo monastery, which he directed, under the Korniliev monastery in 1547.

Even with his many cares, St Laurence did not forsake his beloved work of copying books. St Laurence reposed in the Lord on May 16, 1548.


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