Friday, May 16, 2014

Venerable Cassian the Abbot of Komel (Vologda)

St Cassian of Komel and Vologda was a disciple of St Cornelius of Komel (May 19) and he guided the Komel monastery after St Cornelius went to Lake Sura. Chosen by the brethren with the blessing of St Cornelius, he strove to imitate his teacher in everything, and he strictly observed his monastic Rule.

St Cassian instructed the monks in the fear of God to spend their time at prayer, to be concerned about inner activity, and to banish all worldly thoughts, to be sober in thought, to be vigilant in soul and contrite in heart (Chapter 1 of the Rule “On Church Decorum and Communal Prayer”).

Upon the return of St Cornelius to the monastery, St Cassian joyfully met his teacher, and resigned as igumen, wanting to remain in obedience to the holy Elder as before. St Cassian reposed in the year 1537.


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