Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Spiritual Warfare: Elder Ephraim of the Holy Monastery of Saint Anthony in Arizona, pt 1 of 11

Hat tip to Constantine

Be patient with the low quality video. As well, be patient with the Greek spoken by the Elder as it is faithfully translated into English. If you are patient enough, there is a great wealth of information to be mined from the words of Elder Ephraim through his own experience in warfare in the spiritual and mental realms, wherein resides our foe's greatest attacks.

He who hates God and us is wickedly brilliant. With this talk, we get a little more insight into just how he works and of what spiritual warfare consists of and how it is not separate from the Gospel. Rather, to understand the Enemy and how Jesus "came to destroy the works of the Devil"(1 John 3:8) is to more fully understand the Gospel and what it is we are being saved from.

In 11 parts.

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