Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adding of a new blog: Notes from a Common-place Book

Okay, so I'm late to notice what many have touted as a very fine web log both in its exemplary writing as well in its content.  I'm late but I have arrived.

I must confess that I wish I had more time to follow more blogs.  Perhaps I'm mad, but I actually enjoy the things and even, er, have learned a thing or two from reading them.

This particular blog, Notes from a Common-place Book , is one that I have come across on several occasions but for one reason or another I have not followed it.  Well, no more.  Amend my ways I will and follow I do henceforth.


says about himself,
"Only delusionally still on the young side of middle-aged; married, one child; interested in lots of things."
Interested I am as well.


Legion of the Grail said...

Hello Sophocles,
Previously you had recommended the biography on Fr Seraphim Rose. Lord willing, it should arrive in the mail today. Thanks for the recommendation.

Sophocles said...


Great to hear from you again. It is my pleasure and I am glad you will be digging into that soon.

Also, I do check into your blog fairly frequently and would like to take the opportunity now to tell you how much I like it.

Good work, my friend.