Thursday, May 13, 2010

Music between Goombas Exchange

My friend VSO is currently uploading tribute videos for all his goombas.  He and I have struck up a good online friendship.

He currently has a secret identity but nonetheless, when you need to go somewhere to let someone "Tell you like it is!", visit his site.

But be forewarned: he is a caveman and in his cave there are certain criteria.  They are as follows:

The Code of the Catacombs

1. I'm the Pontifex Maximus of this blog. What I say goes. I'm Orthodox Christian, Conservative, American, hold every principle thereof and I tell it like it is. I am all of this for a reason. If you don't like that, tough shit. Don't screw with me.

2. In case you couldn't tell from Rule 1, this site contains strong, harsh, uncharitable f'n language that is not appropriate for monastics or those seriously devoted to achieving purity. Political Correctness is strictly forbidden.

3. Conduct yourself accordingly. If you do and don't espouse heresy, or attack me, the Holy Orthodox Church, the Constitution of the USA, the Bible, the Magna Carta and all the values and morals therein, we'll get along fine.

4. No victims allowed! Playing the race card, the sodomite card, or any other card is forbidden.

5. If there's still any confusion on your part, refer to the above rules.

6. If you still want to butt heads with me, but still imagine that there's some wiggle room for you, especially in light that you've read Rules 1 - 5, you're either obstinate in sin or irreversibly stupid. Either way, you are anathema. You'll be excavemunicated.

He posted this for me.  Great tune.

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