Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Russian Church urges the Orthodox to overcome their skeptical attitude to fiction

21 February 2008, 17:41

Moscow, February 21, Interfax – The Moscow Patriarchate proposes to revise the Orthodox skeptic attitude to fiction.

“It is a frequent conviction that activities not aimed at saving one’s soul are useless. Many pastors advocate this position. However, many Orthodox people including priests read fiction,” Yaroslavl Theological Seminary’s pro-rector Hieromonk Sergius (Mitko) said in the Contemporary Fiction and Youth round table in frames of the 12th World Russian People’s Council.

According to the priest, “Christianity and fiction are close to each other as both are directed to the future.”

“Christianity is directed to the seemingly fictional prospects. From this stand both Gospels and the more so Apocalypses sound like fiction. When we read contemporary fiction, it is perceived as a special genre, something like prophecy,” the priest stated.

The seminary’s pro-rector believes that “it’s possible to form a model of positive national future in frames of fiction” and it “will be perceived better than an ordinary national ideology.”


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