Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Removal of Blogs

It is with great sadness that I remove the links to my brother Costa's site, Orthodoxos and his other site, Mars Hill, which, on this one in theory, I was his fellow contributor even though I did not post anything original there I did comment when he did.

He felt the sites carried a bit of a negative feel to them and his heart was not into posting there anyway.

Costa and my other brother(who is not a blogger) John and I are partners in our restaurant here in Las Vegas(Henderson to be exact) Kyklos Greek Cafe and we have been together in this business venture now for almost six years.

Is is difficult to work together at times but it is rewarding all the same. Of late, we have all wondered a bit more as to what the future may hold for the three of us.

Just today, Costa approached me and shared with me his desire to move on, though not immediately, to other ventures. His dream and calling, it would seem are to make Orthodox big screen films and I can see myself becoming heavily involved with this same dream being my own.

America is ready and ripe for truly Orthodox films. We have so much ready material at hand in the lives of the Saints.

Please pray for us and if God so grants this to be done, we may meet many of you.

I am just putting this out there with no set in motion plans as of yet, but still Iwanted to wish his sites a good bye.


Andrea Elizabeth said...

May God bless your plans and efforts! I still wish we had met you at your restaurant that day. If I'd only researched your links a little more...

Sophocles said...


So good to hear from you. It would have been wonderful to have you and your family as well, but again, who knows what lies in store for the future as it lies in our gracious Lord's hand.

Thank you for your encouraging words. This Thursday he and I are planning to get together and discuss a storyline. Nothing may come of it or maybe much. May God's will be done.