Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Synod decides to "end all disputes"

Bishop Artemije (FoNet, archive)

26 August 2008 10:53 -> 14:42 Source: B92, Beta
BELGRADE -- The Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) ended its regular session in Belgrade today.

A statement from the meeting said that the Synod has "unanimously decided" to put an end to all disputes reported recently from the High Dečani monastery in Kosovo.

The session, that lasted over four hours, decided to halt all decisions that stemmed from the arguments, and "anything else that can jeopardize the mission of the SPC as a whole, and especially in Kosovo and Metohija".

"Key decisions on these and other burning issues will be made by the Holy Assembly of the SPC in due time," the statement added, and also voiced support for Bishop Artemije, in his "testimony of love, truth, peace, justice and everything good".

The trrouble in the Raško-Prizrenska Eparchy, headed by Bishop Artemije, reached the public last week, when he decided to remove Bishop of Lipljan Teodosije, with seat at the Dečani monastery in Kosovo.

Bishop Artemije said ahead of today's meeting of the Synod that the events in Dečani and “support for rebellion and mutiny represent a precedent in the history of Serbian Orthodox Church.”

He stated that the decisions of the SPC Assembly from May 2006, posted on the website of the Church were incomplete, and that they wrongly represented the current conflict, misrepresenting his decision to dismiss Teodosije.

Then 2006 decision of the Synod requested that Bishop Artemije should renounce ownership of the real estate he owned in Belgrade. However, he says that story ended two years ago, when the Raško-Prizrenska Eparchy submitted its report.

A Kosovo Serb official Ranđel Nojkić told B92 that it was essential for the Synod solve the dispute, because otherwise the consequences "could be tremendous".

"I think that both the Synod of the SPC are aware of the issue and that it hasn’t been solved the right way. Unless this problem is resolved permanently, I think that the consequences would be terrible,” Nojkić said.



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