Saturday, July 12, 2008

Basic Information About This Blog

This blog is maintained for several reasons. First and foremost because I enjoy doing so.

Second, I want to create a sizable reference source of the lives of the Saints and the Holy Feasts of our Church which I am accomplishing one day at a time, one profile and icon at a time.

This also goes goes for the news. By posting this news I hope to create, store and have readily available an archive of news information which can be accessed by visiting this blog's sidebar and clicking, for example, on "Orthodox News-Russia", which as I write, has 353 pieces of news items.

I also attempt, for the reader's satisfaction, to "follow" stories. If I post a story and know that I have already posted on the same story, after providing the "SOURCE" link I also provide a link: "READ THE PREVIOUS POST RELATED TO THIS STORY:" and some stories have many tracebacks in this fashion.

A quick note on the stories themselves that are posted. Very rarely do I provide commentary anymore mostly because of the sheer volume of stories I post. I don't have the time. Another reason for this is not to add my own opinion to a story and to let it remain "neutral" in the sense of allowing the story to retain the intent of the original author.

As well, let the reader know I often don't even like the stories I post for whatever reason; whether it be the opinion of the story's author I disagree with, the story's blatant errors, the story only providing a gloss of the history which needs much more development but does not get it and many other reasons I don't like an article. I post them any way.

One reason is to provide the reader with a better understanding of the culture from which within the Orthodox Faith now held by us came from.

I always cite "SOURCE:" at the bottom(unless I forget) to let the reader know I did not write the story. This allows the reader to track the story to its source and author to dispute or comment on the story.


Anonymous said...

Ecumenists and new-calendarists should understand the historical similarities between what happened on the Holy Mountain then and now (Esphigmenou). The same Enemy is assaulting the Church now as then. The besieged Fathers have suffered deaths because of the evil new-Bekkoses. Glory be to God for the Holy Martyrs then and the Holy Confessors now!

Jacob Lee said...

Dear Sophocles,

Can I please get your contact information so I can send you updates on FOCUS North America.

We have a new Podcast with Fr. Chad Hatfield of St. Vlad's and a press release on OYO becoming apart of FOCUS North America.


Jacob Lee

Web Admin
FOCUS North America

John Valadez said...


Christ is in our midst!

Please contact me about your post on GG Allin and Elder Joseph, I would like to use it for an upcoming issue. Thank you, God bless you.

In Christ,
John, a sinner

Sophocles said...


Thank you for visiting and for your interest in my article.

I have sent you an e-mail to the address you have given.

I am posting this here in case you are subscribed to this post and will receive this comment.

In Christ,