Saturday, July 12, 2008

Any Filmakers out there?

If I don't ask I won't know.

If anyone reading this blog knows about filmaking, how to actually make one, please let me know. I would like to speak in private.



Anonymous said...

I just happend across your post looking for orthodox filmmakers. I make my living in film and TV production in Houston TX. You can reach me though my web site

D. Burns

Anonymous said...

Andrei Tarkowsky and Michail Romm knew it. Ask him...

JTO Editor Nathan Lee Lewis said...

Sophocles Frangalekis,
Please forgive me a sinner. I am Orthodox and a filmmaker, feature films and documentary, dramatic TV series. AND a fellow blogger!I hope I may be a blessing to you. I will e-mail.

Sophocles said...


Thank you so much for your interest. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I will e-mail.

JTO Editor Nathan Lee Lewis said...

Feature Film

Unknown said...

Excuse me, please allow me to correct you. This is excellent. Perhaps you may have heard about this saint somewhere

About the Theater
By St. John of Kronstadt

Excerpts from:
My Life in Christ
Archpriest John Iliytch Sergieff (1829-1909)

• The theater lulls the Christian life to sleep, destroys it, communicating to the life of Christians the character of the life of heathens. "They all slumbered and slept"; this disastrous sleep is produced, amongst other things, also by the theater. And what besides? The sciences, taught in the spirit of heathenism, worldly cares carried to excess, love of gain, ambition and sensuality. The theater is the school of this world, and of the Prince of this world – that is, the Devil, but sometimes he is transformed into an angel of light in order to more easily tempt people who are not far-seeing, he sometimes introduces an apparently moral play on to the stage, but this is done in order that everybody should proclaim and repeat that the theater is a most moral institution...

• The theater likewise extinguishes faith and the Christian life, teaching distraction, cunning (or knowledge of the world), a fondness for laughter and joking; it trains clever children of this world, but not children of light. The theater is the opponent of the Christian life; it is the offspring of the spirit of this world, and not of the Spirit of God. True children of the Church do not visit it.

• This present life is not a jest nor a plaything, although men have turned it into a jest and a plaything. They heedlessly play with time, given for preparation for eternity; they play with idle words. They assemble at their friends', sit and talk idly, and then begin to play at something. They go to theaters, and there both the performers and the spectators only amuse themselves.

• What do theaters bring into the hearts of men? The spirit of this world, the spirit of idleness, of idle speaking, of joking, of cunning, and wickedness, of pride, presumption – they do not bring any moral good to anyone. The authors of the pieces and the actors only give people what they have in themselves, their own spirit, neither more nor less.

• No; say what you like, theaters are an ungodly institution. Only penetrate into their spirit and you will agree that they are schools of incredulity, mockery, of the insolent ridicule of everything, and that they are depravity. Woe unto that society in which there are many theaters, and which loves to frequent them! Occasionally, it is true, the theater is the lesser evil for those who love evil.

• The theater and the church – are opposite contrasts. The one is the temple of the world, and the other the temple of God; the one is the temple of the Devil, and the other – the temple of the Lord.

Sophocles said...


Thank you for sharing this with me. I agree with the Saint's words.

Unknown said...

Your welcome Sophocles. I'm happy you are honest about this. One of the reasons I have left this comment here is that there's is a certain blogger, actually two, who are involved with, and promote the film industry, among other things, as being compatible with Orthodoxy. They censor any comments I, or anyone else makes on their blogs which disagree with their postings, then make untruthful comments about me and what I said on their other posts in order to make me, and others, seems narrow minded and bad. I don't believe I have ever said anything to them that the Church's teachings can't back up. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about, I'll leave it at that. Nay you have a profitable Great Lent.

Unknown said...

Typo, that's May you have a profitable Great Lent.

Sophocles said...

Thank you for well wishing me Minas. May you too have a profitable Great Lent.