Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Paul Rothemund: Casting spells with DNA

Paul Rothemund talks about his special skill: DNA origami. By writing a set of instructions — which he compares to “casting a spell” — he can cause bits of DNA to arrange themselves as a smiley face, a star, a triangle. Sure, it’s a stunt, but it’s also a fascinating window into the world of self-assembly at the smallest of scales. In other words: today a smiley face, tomorrow a micro-microprocessor.

To a person who is not steeped in the ethos of the Church journeying through this world as an alien, such technological showcases and advancements as the one we witness here on this YouTube video are indeed good news. After all, if Materialism is true and this is "all she wrote", then let us all "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die." But if tomorrow may be put off a bit longer, or alot, why not?

To Fallen Man this world is It.

Fallen Man has as a duty to create a paradise fashioned in a way where Man himself is the criteria and the measure against which this paradise suits his falleness. By this I mean that Paradise, as it truly is, is in Christ. Outside of Christ is the world, activated by pride, lust and vainglory and these energize and permeate the entirety of the Fallen Creation.

In every strata the corruption has set in, having attached itself to the Good Creation made by God, as a parasite on a host sucking its life in the hope and expectation of being that life.

But without Christ there can be no life because in Him all things consist and have their being, He being the Word of the Father; spoken with all Love which is all power, all is fulfilled in Him and in this sense has its end in Him.

That which has its end apparent or known is granted meaning and this knowing(our end) is what gives meaning to the human being in the deepest existential sense and he who knows not his end is left without meaning and seeks it from the created order(alone) as he cannot transcend the world but hits the ceiling of this existence within this existence. And in so doing sets up idols.

The Christian, who finds Paradise in Christ, Who is not only Creator but the Overcomer of Death itself and has overcome this existence, has overcome it not only as He inherently does by virtue of His deity but also as Man; He as Man "bursts through" the ceiling.

And those in Christ overcome as He did through the veil of this present created order, Death not able to keep them within this plane of existence.

To the Christian, the end, as told in the Scriptures written by the Church of Christ and witnessed to by Her Holy Fathers, informs the present and gives it meaning and we are told by the Lord to be aware of our times and signs of His drawing near to return. His return will be proceeded with many tribulations and signs and wonders done by the Anti Christ.

This blog is dedicated to not bashing technology per se, but to never cease to remind the reader that technology, any technology is still in the hands of Fallen Man who cannot but inevitably(or expressely) use it for ill, to mistreat his fellows and to fashion paradise as he sees fit. And the paradise that will be fashioned in this present order will be that one of the one who has the most earthly power.

This video showcases a nice guy, probably(I don't know the man) excited about what he is presenting to his audience in his area of expertise with DNA.

Intersting though that oneof the shapes he uses for his demonstration are stars, very occultic symbols.

I find myself pondering the unveiling of AntiChrist and if he will be genetically engineered in some such way and I also ponder what possibilities lay in giving people powers that will be miraculous but in actuality will be wed to illusion, the illusion itself made possible not only through occultic means but also through technology.

But then again, this man, Paul Rothemund, not only chooses stars as one of his shapes but alos likens his manipulations to "casting spells".

Verrrrrry interesting to say the least.

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Constantine said...

Very interesting indeed. Reminds me of Frankensteins monster. Is that actually what satan has his minions trying to do? Build a soulless body that satan himself will inhabit and animate? Is Frankenstein a description of this desire? Take body parts and animate them. Hmmm. Spells, magic, stars, dna, godlessness.