Saturday, December 26, 2009

Venerable Constantine of Synnada

Commemorated on December 26

Saint Constantine of Synada, a native of the city of Synada and of Jewish descent. From his youth he was drawn to the Christian Faith. Careful study of the teachings of Christ set his heart aflame, and he left his parents to become a monk. He was baptized with the name Constantine and received monastic tonsure.

When they brought him the Holy Cross, he kissed it with love and touched it to his head. The image of the Holy Cross impressed itself upon him throughout all his life. Having spent his God-pleasing life in strict asceticism, St Constantine departed peacefully to the Lord.


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ioannis said...

Please accept my true respect for the honesty and clarity and love with which you treated that Catholic's request, offering me an example of how one should act in similar cases. For me, you are a pillar of Orthodoxy.