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Martyr Eugraphus of Alexandria

Commemorated on December 10

The Holy Martyrs Eugraphus, Menas, and Hermogenes suffered for their faith in Christ under the emperor Maximian (305-313).

St Menas was sent by the emperor from Athens to Alexandria to suppress the riots that had arisen between the Christians and the pagans. Distinguished for his gift of eloquence, Menas instead openly began to preach the Christian Faith and he converted many pagans to Christ. Learning of this, Maximian sent Hermogenes to Alexandria to place the saints on trial. Moreover, he gave orders to purge the city of Christians.

Hermogenes, although he was a pagan, was distinguished by his reverent bearing. And struck by the endurance of St Menas under torture and by his miraculous healing after the cruel torments, he also came to believe in Christ. Maximian himself then arrived in Alexandria. Neither the astonishing stoic endurance of Sts Menas and Hermogenes under torture, nor even the miracles manifested by God in this city, mollified the emperor. Instead, they vexed him all the more. The emperor personally stabbed St Eugraphus, the secretary of St Menas, and then gave orders to behead the holy Martyrs Menas and Hermogenes.

The relics of the holy martyrs, cast into the sea in an iron chest, were afterwards found (see February 17) and transferred to Constantinople in the ninth century. The emperor Justinian built a church in the name of the holy Martyr Menas of Alexandria. St Joseph the Hymnographer (April 4) composed a Canon in honor of these holy martyrs.

Troparion - Tone 8

Having slain the fiery ragings and fierce movements of the passions though their ascetic labors,
the Martyrs of Christ, Menas, Hermogenes, and Eugraphus, received grace to dispel the afflictions of the infirm and to work wonders both while alive and after death.
It is a truly great wonder that bare bones pour forth healing.
Glory to our only God and Creator.

Kontakion - Tone 4

The Lord snatched you from the temporal army making you a fellow inheritor of the eternal, O Menas;
together with Hermogenes and Eugraphus with whom you suffered,
you are granted an incorruptible crown.


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