Friday, December 25, 2009

Saints Melchior,Gaspar and Balthasar of the Magi

Commemorated on December 25

The names of the three Wise Men (Magi) do not appear in the Gospels. The tradition that there were three visitors from the east is very ancient, but their names are only mentioned in the Middle Ages. The tradition that one of them was a Negro dates from the fifteenth century.

Bones reputed to be the relics of the three kings have been in the cathedral at Cologne, Germany since 1164.


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ioannis said...

Christ is born!

I wish you all the best dear Sophocles for you and your family. May Christ bless you with everything good and a happy new year!

Sophocles said...


Glorify Him!

And to you and your family!

It has been some time since we interacted on here. It seems that I may have to post more theological posts to remedy that ;)

Very good to hear from you, my friend.