Monday, July 28, 2008

Karadžić brother confirms appeal

The Special Court custody unit (FoNet, archive)

27 July 2008 09:52 -> 20:55 Source: B92

BELGRADE -- Radovan Karadžić’s brother Luka Karadžić today confirmed for B92 that an extradition appeal has been filed on Friday.

The appeal is contesting the Serbian authorities’ decision to extradite the former political leader of the Bosnian Serbs to the Hague Tribunal.

Luka Karadžić and lawyer Svetozar Vujačić today visited Radovan Karadžić, accused of war crimes, in detention in Belgrade, where they spent over two hours in conversation.

But despite Luka Karadžić's statement, Vujačić refuses to reveal if he lodged the appeal.

Two days after the deadline expired, the lawyer continues to keep his cards close to his chest, though he did say that he was visiting his client in custody on a daily basis, adding that Karadžić had also received a visit from the Serbian Orthodox Church.

“That’s exclusive information that the media has not dealt with—Radovan had the honor of receiving a visit from the bishop who is otherwise performing the duties of the patriarch, Mr. Amfilohije Radović,” the lawyer revealed.

He said that Karadžić was happy with the treatment that he had been receiving in the custody unit at the Special Court.

“He has the best conditions that the custody unit has to offer. He has a room, a bathroom,” said Vujačić.

The lawyer said that, in his opinion, his client would be there “until Wednesday, Thursday.”

“I have good grounds to claim that the extradition won’t happen on Monday,” he surmised.

District Court spokeswoman Ivana Ramić said that it would be known tomorrow whether an appeal against the ruling that all the conditions had been met for Karadžić’s extradition to The Hague had arrived, and that the only thing that mattered was that the appeal had been sent by midnight on Friday.

“The appeal could have been sent by post, and the time and date on the postmark is considered to be the time and date of its submission to the court,” she explained.

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