Saturday, July 19, 2008

6th Islam-Orthodox Dialogue Winds Up

The Sixth Islam-Orthodox Dialogue wrapped up here Friday after two days.

A delegation from Religions Dialogue Center at Iran's Culture and Islamic Communications Organization and representatives of Russian Orthodox Church were present in the two-day talks in Moscow.

Chancellor of Iran's Islamic Culture and Thought Research Center and a member of the country's Supreme Cultural Revolution Council Hojjatoleslam Sadeqi Rashad headed Iran's five-member team to the talks.

The dialogue focused on man and God from the view point of Islam and Orthodox Christianity and the participants issued a final statement at the end.

The statement said talks between Russian Orthodox Church and Iran's clergies, dating back more than 10 years ago, go on successfully.

It condemned disrespect to religious sanctities, which constitute major part of human beings' life, and urged the world to counter such sacrilegious moves.

It also stressed continuation of such talks because they will help the two sides have more engagement and get more acquainted with each other.

The Seventh Islam-Orthodox Dialogue will be held in Tehran in 2010 to focus on mutual agreements. --IRNA


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