Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Translation of the relics of the Venerable Nilus of Stolbensk

Commemorated on May 27

Saint Nilus of Stolobensk reposed on December 7, 1554 (see his Life under December 7).

Many years afterwards, hieromonk Germanus came to the island of Lake Seliger, where the holy ascetic had struggled, and immediately after him the hill-dweller and wanderer Boris. They settled together on the island and built a church in honor of the Theophany, with a chapel dedicated to St Basil of Moscow (August 2).

On the site where St Nilus had struggled, a monastery named for him was built. An icon of St Nilus was painted by the monks of the Orshin monastery, and numerous miracles of healings of the sick began to occur at the saint's grave.

Later, St Nectarius, Archbishop of Sibirsk and Tobolsk lived at the monastery, and he decided to build a stone church to replace the former wooden one. When the foundations were dug, the earth crumbled away and revealed the incorrupt relics of St Nilus. The Uncovering of the Relics occurred on May 27, 1667, and a Feast day was established in honor of the event.


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