Sunday, September 30, 2018

Goodbye and Thank You

My dear friends, I finally got around to giving this blog some closure.  It has been on my heart to do so for so much time but I was unable to do so.

I was married on June 24 and the realities of married life made it impossible to sustain the posting of the daily Lives of the Saints whom I dearly love.

This blog has been a labor of love for me all these years.  It became something other than what it began as.  At its inception this blog shared Orthodox news from around the world as well as the daily Saint's life.  I also used the blog to air out some of my thinking at the beginning on various subjects but especially dear to me was the relevance of the Orthodox Faith to me, to us, to Modern Man whether he, modern man, knew that Orthodoxy is what he needed.  I also began to see that the Faith, which to me was so crystal clear and precious was not held by everyone in the same way.  I became involved in this "debate" but usually at a distance living vicariously through bloggers of a bygone era when more people blogged rather than facebooked.

One of the reasons I began to only post the Saint of the Day was that I did not have the time to post original essays.  Owning and operating a small restaurant proved to leave very little leisure time for such projects.  Another reason I ceased from such essays was that I realized I was not as smart as I thought I was.  The established lines of demarcation would not move through sheer force of reason or goodwill and I realized the issues at stake were spiritual in nature and not rational primarily.  For this reason I began to "hide" behind the Saints. 

I will leave this blog up and continue to maintain it as it was a true labor of love that has many I think useful articles and notes and other such things.  As well it proves useful for me to check up on other blogs in the sidebar I still follow and at times I run across another site that I add to the sidebar.  I may one day resume posting on this site but who knows?  God knows.

Thank you to all who ever visited and thank you to all who have come before me and who inspired me to begin this blog.



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Jean-Michel said...

My dear friend and brother Sophocles, thank you much for all these years of great postings. It inspired me manyfold times, much more than you could imagine, and I'm sure many of your readers got via this channel some godly inspiration for their daily struggles in this fallen world.
God only knows, indeed, if you'll be able to post "something" from time to time. At least, maintaining it alive will be of great help for readers, as sometimes we keep a link for future reading.. but we keep so many links :D

Pax tecum!
from Belgium