Sunday, December 08, 2013

62 Martyred Priests and the 300 Martyred laypeople of Africa, martyred by the Arians

The Holy Martyrs of Africa (62 Clergy and 300 Laypeople): They suffered in the time of the emperor Zeno (474-491). Guneric, the ruler of the Vandal kingdom in North Africa, came under the influence of heretical Arian bishops and began a fierce persecution against the Orthodox.

When believers had gathered at one of the churches and secretly celebrated the Divine Liturgy, barbarian soldiers burst into the church. Some of the worshippers fled, but 300 men voluntarily gave themselves over to torture and were beheaded. Of the clergy, two were burned, and sixty had their tongues cut out. By a miraculous Divine power they continued to preach and to oppose the Arian heresy.

They all endured horrible torments, but remained faithful to Christ and His holy Church.


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