Thursday, January 07, 2010

St Brannock of Braunton

Commemorated on January 7

St Brannock lived in the sixth century, and tutored the children of the Welsh ruler Brychan. He went with King Brychan on a pilgrimage to venerate the tombs of the Apostles. On the way home, he stopped in Brittany and remained there several years.

Eventually, the saint returned to Wales and settled at Braunton, where he built a church. His holy relics are said to rest beneath the altar of the Braunton church.


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Anonymous said...

Braunton is in Devon - not Wales !

BRANNOCK, TUTOR OF SEVERAL OF KING ST BRYCHAN’S CHILDREN, left Wales with, or shortly after the family. He founded a monastery - and it seems, built a church - at Braunton, near Barnstaple in Devonshire, and lived there until he died. His feast day is 7th January.
St Brannock
Fifteen hundred years ago St Brannock went to Braunton,
where he tried to turn the natives to a better way of life,
for they were very wicked and they spent their time and energy
in mayhem and debauchery and every kind of strife.
St Brannock was a patient man and soon the people started
to be good instead of evil and they planned to build a church,
but every time they built a bit, a bit of it fell down again,
and soon the people wandered off and left him in the lurch.
St Brannock wandered sadly through the fields and met an angel who said 'Do not worry, Brannock, things are better than they seem.
The problem is position. You should build your church wherever
you can find a sow and piglets.' - then he vanished from the dream.

St Brannock felt quite silly as he rambled in the meadows.
He'd have liked to ask the angel things like Wherefore? and How come?
But when he reached the riverbank he rubbed his eyes in wonderment
for snuffling in the daisies ­ seven piglets and their mum!
St Brannock called the people and he told them what had happened.
He politely asked the piggies if they'd move without delay.
They said they would be honoured, and a church was soon erected,
and if you should go to Braunton you will see it there today.

© Frances Thompson - This poem is based on the 'sow and piglets' boss in the north choir aisle [Exeter Cathedral?] and the legend of St Brannock
Poetry from Cathedral CHURCH OF SAINT PETER IN EXETER Workshops
Cheers, Rob Davies, Canberra Oz

Sophocles said...

Thank you for the correction and for your post!