Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monastery of Koutloumousiou, Holy Mountain Letter - signing of the "Confession of Faith"

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Monastery of Koutloumousiou, Holy Mountain
Letter - signing of the "Confession of Faith"

Holy Royal Stavropegic and Patriarchical
Monastery of Koutloumousiou
Holy Mountain, Athos

To the Congregation of Orthodox Clerics and Monks of Thessaloniki
Honourable and dear in Christ brothers and co-celebrants

Through this present sacred sealed and undersigned monastic Letter, we proceed, first, by expressing our thanks, as much for Your steadfast blessings on the feast of the Divine Resurrection and Ascension of our Despota Jesus, as also those and all the rest included in Your 31-05-2009 letter of Your Congregation. Then we wish to inform you, that Your above letter and its enclosed text, which arose from Your proper and blessed uneasiness and Your good sense and sense of responsibility of Your will, so that You may arouse the conscience of the Orthodox against the damage occurring within the framework of Ecumenism that has received phenomenal intensity through the religious schemes of devotional communication and collaboration with the heterodox and non-christians of some section of the contemporary Orthodox Body, Your aptly titled "Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism" has found us totally in agreement with the soul searching content and brought us unconditionally to Your side.
Consequently the Congregation of Elders of our Holy Monastery decided unanimously that the said Confession be signed also by us.
On this we congratulate You and pray that the commemorated Most Holy Spirit strengthen You in the conduct of the present struggle crowning it with His blessings of victory, we remain with great love and brotherly love in the Lord and God Jesus.

The Abbot of the Holy Coenobium of Koutloumousiou
Archimandrite Christodoulos and with me the in Christ brothers.

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