Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Third year of posting the Saint or Feast of the Day....Here I Come!

Well, I've reached another anniversary for this blog for posting the Saint or Feast here now for two consecutive years on this date 0f August 2nd.

I did this post last anniversary. On that post last year, after naming several of my favorite blogs(I like all of them on my sidebar), I also gave a small history of how I came to post daily on the Lives of the Saints and Feasts of the Church.

If the reader would take notice that after the Saint or Feast of the day, on the bottom I provide the link for my source, titled SOURCE:. As well, underneath "SOURCE:", I also provide the link for the previous year's post on the same day, signified thus: SAINT OR FEAST POSTED THIS DATE 2008: .

I'm not sure what I'm going to do once I run out of Icons to post along with the Saint or Feast of the Day yet. I'll cross that bridge when I get there, I suppose.

Thank you to everyone who follows this blog and reads here.

In Christ,



Dixie said...

Happy Anniversary, Sophicles. Your blog is a mainstay in Orthodox blog readers across the globe. Thanks for making the effort. Chronia polla!

Andrea Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sophocles said...

Dixie and Andrea thank you both so very much!

Anonymous said...

Out of kindness, the Church will lift your anathema, and allow to be Orthodox to celebrate your annniversary. After Forty days you will return to the heathen. Be well Soph and thanks for your hard work and devotion in this ministry.

In XC, george d.