Thursday, July 09, 2009

Spiritual Journal-The "neutrality" of the human person

After reading Father Seraphim Rose, His Life and His Works, I decided to keep a spiritual journal. I can't remember where it is mentioned in that book but it made an impression on me.

I will be posting my thoughts on this book as part of my series I keep on this blog of "Books I've Read or Am Reading" at a later date, when I wade through the stack of books and articles that I have procrastinated posting on and I arrive at this book.

But in the meantime, I will begin putting down some of my thoughts from the journal and fleshing them out some if need be.

This is my first post from this journal and God willing, I will continue putting out these posts.

As some of you may know, I mention the Anti Christ fairly frequently and only because of his lack of mention amongst fellow bloggers and many of those I know in my day to day life in the Church. I will in the future be posting a lot more on this subject matter and by doing this I hope to make it clear that what I have in mind is not the Evangelical Protestant teaching and emphasis of the Left Behind variety but something I believe much more significant and necessary to be understood from within the Church.

Once again, I wish to reiterate that my focus is not to pinpoint dates, times, events but my concern is the understanding the "mystery of iniquity" itself which itself is "timeless", manifesting itself in each age and showing itself more concretely as each day progresses.

Yes, we have been in the last days since the fall but also yes, each day is a day closer. And again: Technology. And again"America" qua America in relation to the prior age that preceeded her and what she means in and of herself when observed within the Church, the kingdom of our Lord. I think we are so confused about what America is as a spiritual concept and that her design is specifically designed to confuse.

Also, the lack of teaching of these issues may be the danger that places us in the category of those the apostle Peter speaks of in Second Peter 3 where he speaks of scoffers coming in the last days who in essence will say, "Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation".

This, in essence, if you may accept it, sounds a lot like what we're told when we speak about Christ's return and the "End times" by our pastors. Or, often it's said when broaching this subject: "We've been in the last days for the last 2000 years" and that is the extent really that is said about this very important event which is what the early Church looked for with longing.

I must also state once again that warnings about this were spoken about frequently and with knowledge, in an Orthodox manner by our Lord, His Apostles, in nearly every if not every book of the New Testament and this teaching is not merely confined to the Book of Revelation.
Many if not all the Holy Ones of our Church mention the teaching on the Anti Christ and what exactly this means for us to understand and to help us break from the world and not to be taken into the deception under which the whole world lies.

What does this have to do with the "neutrality of the human person?


The Kingdom of Heaven is here, now.

The Kingdom of Anti Christ is here, now.

The human being is of such a nature that he is able to plug into either one. His nature is "neutral" so to speak, in this regard. It is a free choice who we will follow.


Stefan said...

Why can you make the post about the homosexualist priest? I do no belief that these priests are Orthodoxe. So many too many people talk so muvh good things about him.

Sophocles said...

If you read his life story, you will know that he was deeply regretful of his behaviors as a young man before he entered the Church. In other words, he repented of this.

We should also remember that we venerate St. Mary of Egypt who was very promiscuous and she too repented of this which is why the Church brings her to the forefront during Lent for us an example to follow and to ask her holy prayers.

I regularly ask for Father Seraphim's prayers. If we look carefully, we will understand that he overcame America. Easy, decadent America where it's fashionable to not repent and in fact to glorify our selfishness and gross behaviors and promote them as virtues. Father Seraphim repented in truth.

Anonymous said...

"overcame America" ? What does that really mean? That is quite nasty and bigotted and I think you mean people unlike your vision of the USA. I'm an American, retired USMC, and Orthodox. Rather than bash the USA maybe you can remember that their are tens of millions who live their orthopraxy.

Sophocles said...


Please forgive me.

In the world of blogging, it can be quite difficult to make clear nuances in meaning. Oftentimes I post something and foolishly assume that those reading will pick up on what it is I'm trying to say understanding meanings I'm using.

What I mean by "America" in my usage here is sort of the relative ease and comfort we have at our fingertips(and thank you for your service to our nation) which upon first glance, one may be tempted to settle in here in this world if it's made to look nice enough and dressed up with comfort. I contrast this with other cultures where one literally died for their Orthodoxy in the bodily sense.

Father Seraphim Rose overcame, in the Lord's mercy and grace, when in one sense he didn't have to overcome to the extent he did, as there was no outside force telling him to die but rather it was from within himself that he struggled to overcome "America".

I hope that makes my choice of words a little more clear?