Sunday, May 06, 2018

Venerable Micah of Radonezh

May 6

Micah was a monk and one of the first disciples of St. Sergei of Radonezh.  They lived in the same cell, and under Sergei's guidance, he attained to high spiritual perfection.  Micah became known for his pure heart and his meekness.  One day, after they had completed their morning prayers, Sergei told Micah that they were about to receive a visit from the Most Holy Mother of God.  Suddenly, an extremely bright light filled their cell, and Micah fell upon the ground, and out of fear lay there as though dead.  The Mother of God appeared together with the Holy Apostles Peter and John the Theologian.  Micha later died peacefully, and his relics were buried at the Trinity-Sergiev Lavra.  About threehundred fifty years later, a church commemorating the appearance was built over St.Micah's tomb.


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