Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Martyr Paul of Kalavryta

May 22

Born a Christian, he was given the name Panagiotes.  He moved from Peloponnesus to Patras at the age of nine.  Relatives there took him in.  He became a shoemaker, and returned home at the age of twenty-three.  He established his own business and made a modest living.  When the Turkish property owner raised the rent beyond his means, Panagiotes soon went into debt and then debtor's prison.  However, he was freed when he agreed to convert to Islam.  Soon afterward he regretted his conversion and found that his conscience had condemned him.  He moved to the Great Lavra Monastery on Mt. Athos and befriended another monk named Timothy.  After some time, Panagiotes took monastic vows and the name Paul.  Paul and Timothy worked to help maintain a high level of Orthodox spirituality among the villagers that visited.  Paul decided to return to his native city to do the same work there.  He spent the first forty days in seclusion at a local monastery, and then began his missionary work of helping and comforting those in need.  The Turkish authorities arrested him, but Paul said that he had exchanged the copper of their faith for the gold of his faith.  He was charged with treason and burned  to death.


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