Thursday, April 26, 2018

Richarius, Abbot in Picardy

April 26

Richarius was born in seventh-century France, at Cellas.  During this time, the population there was mostly pagan.  Once when two Irish priests landed on the coast trying to cross the countyr, they would have been seriously mistreated had Richarius not protected them.  In gratitude,they instructed him in the Christian faith, after which Richarius was inspired to become a priest.  After rigorous preparation, he was ordained to the priesthood and lived for some time in England.  When he returned to France, he began to preach with extraordinary zeal and great success.  He warned King Dagobert on the dangers and vanities of this world, and his responsibilities as king.  He said, "He who has to obey will only have to render account to God of himself, but he who commands will also have to answer for all his subjects."  As Richarius grew older, he gave up his responsibilities as abbot of the Celles monastery he had founded.  He lived as a hermit for the rest of his life with a disciple named Sigobard.  Afterward, the monastery of Forest-Montiers was built over his cell.


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